Flood Control System

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The protection of our property is essential in every family; therefore, it is important to be prepared for floods. If your home is connected to an old plumbing or sewer system, the risks of flooding from unnatural causes are very high. So, we advise you to consult with our team about the options currently available to install on your property. If you are looking for waterproofing companies near Rolling Meadows, IL, Veterans Plumbing & Sewer, LLC is your best choice. Call now to learn more!

How a Residential Flood Control System Works

A residential flood system reduces the risk of flooding in a house or basement. The causes are various; it could be cracks in the basement walls, broken pumps, clogged sewers, or problems in the city sewer system. We install flood control units in the sewer line to drain water that may accumulate in the basement or backyard areas.

There are some types of flood control systems, and these are the two most popular:

  • Double Check Valve Flood Control System: These are installed on the exterior of homes. It is a concrete vault with two check valves that regulate the flow of wastewater.
  • Overhead Sewer Conversion: The sewer pipe is raised above the basement floor level, thus preventing sewage from backing up into your basement.

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