Sewer Lining Installation

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As time goes by, sewers present problems such as breaks, blockages, and cracks. Replacing the entire system can be a complicated and expensive task that can damage the floor or yard. Luckily, at Veterans Plumbing & Sewer, LLC, we are specialists in trenchless sewer repair, a modern, easy to apply, and low-cost technique.

How The Sewer Lining Installation Works

Sewer pipe lining is helpful for repairing damaged sewer lines. This process is very efficient because it allows you to correct pipe damage without digging up the yard or causing damage to your property. It is performed by inserting a new pipe saturated with epoxy into the existing line. Hot air, steam, or LED technology is then introduced, which bonds the two tubes together. In this way, the plumbing system would be more robust and durable.

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